Sharon Ricardi President
Northbridge Advisory Services

Sharon Ricardi is a seasoned senior housing professional and author with over 30 years of experience in operations, dementia care, sales, and marketing. As Senior Vice President of the Northbridge companies, Sharon was instrumental in growing the company from a single asset in 2007 to 19 communities today. Currently, she is President of Northbridge Advisory Services, a division of the Northbridge Companies. Additionally, she is a Managing Director at HallBridge Partners, owners/operators of a portfolio comprising middle-market assisted living communities.

Sharon’s experience encompasses the start-up and turn-around of over 30 assisted living communities throughout the Northeast. She is past Chair of the Board of Mass-ALA and is active on their Public Policy Committee. She has been a frequent industry speaker and board member. Her passion for her work is evident in her authorship of several articles, covering a diverse range of topics, including assisted living operations marketing, public policy, and dementia care.

With an impressive track record and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of seniors, Sharon continues to be a driving force in the senior housing industry, shaping its future with her expertise, vision, and compassion.

Now a Published Author

Sharon's first book The Future of Alzheimer's features candid views from experts on how they respond today to someone on the difficult journey of Alzheimer’s and what they believe is the future hope for a cure.

More than 20 experts in the field of Alzheimer's research or caretakers are asked two key questions:

What advice would you give to the loved ones of someone who is newly diagnosed?
Do you think there will be a cure, and if so, when?

Their answers help provide context and hope for patients, caretakers and loved ones looking for answers by providing helpful insights on the disease and what's to come.

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