Having successfully developed and operated over 85 senior living communities during our career, the Northbridge Advisory team has capitalized over $1.5 billion of senior living assets. These accomplishments have solidified our position as trusted experts in the industry, with a commitment to leveraging extensive expertise for our clients’ benefit.

We have earned a distinguished reputation for delivering a comprehensive range of consultative services in a discreet manner to prestigious private equity firms, lenders; and real estate investment trusts (REIT), both on domestic and international fronts. Notably, we take pride in the fact that 90% of our clients re-engage for additional engagements or long-term advisory assignments.

At the core of our mission lies the dedication to surpassing client goals. Our team works to craft strategies that align with clients’ unique needs enabling us to offer smart and innovative approaches that yield measurable results.

We Work Collaboratively With Your Operators Because Their Success is Our Collective Success

Our team can provide expert advice and action in the following areas. Projects can include one or many topics. We work with you to craft a unique plan to fit your needs and goals.

Operational Asset Management

Providing asset-specific practices that increase operational efficacy

Sales & Marketing

Leveraging best-in-class practices to drive conversions and increase leasing

Revenue Generation

Adapting strategies based on market dynamics, ensuring long-term business success

Northbridge did a wonderful job positioning themselves with our operating partner as someone who is here to help all parties which is one of the biggest hurdles in introducing an outside party to our senior living partnerships. Greg and his team got into the weeds with our operator highlighting low-hanging fruit as well as more medium to long-term improvements to standardized sales team discipline. Overall, NAS’ efforts helped support and identify further investment into the community and corporate platform to aid in the success of the sales and marketing process
Vice President
Asset Management
We weren’t sure what to expect when we heard ‘a consultant’ was coming to the communities. We were introducing a new direction for the buildings and the thought of an unknown group of people looking over our shoulder was stressful. You immediately put at ease by making it clear you were there to work by our side and truly help. Your wealth of knowledge was apparent from the start…you saw the direction we were heading and helped us chart the path. For all this, I am very grateful.
CEO, National Operator
CEO, National Operator
I know I speak for my entire team when I say that your feedback and recommendations were incredibly welcomed and helpful. You certainly are gifted with the ability to share information; good, bad or indifferent, in a way that will be received in the most positive way possible. I know I walked away feeling motivated and refocused and based on the feedback I have received, everyone you met with shared that feeling.
CEO, Regional Operator
CEO, Regional Operator
Great job continuing to work to get agency out of the communities. Thank you!
Managing Director, Private Equity
Managing Director, Private Equity
I’ve been keeping track of the goings on with [the operator] and it sounds like there have been some good improvements—they really do need the help. Thank you!
SVP, REIT Asset Management
SVP, REIT Asset Management

Your Success is Our Collective Success

NAS brings over 30 years of experience in operations and sales and marketing of senior living communities, offering a knowledge base not often available to regional and on-site management teams. 

With costs and downtime associated with replacing management nearing $1M, and a limited pool of qualified operators, NAS has become a sought-after resource to bolster the performance of existing managers.

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