Turnaround to Stabilization Memory Care

Northbridge was engaged as co-manager of a year-old all-dementia assisted living community in northern New England.

At the outset of our engagement, this community was sitting at 50% occupancy and shut off to admissions by the state for nine months prior, thus creating a precipitous decline in census during the critical ramp-up stage. Not only was the census stalled, but the reputational damage from the prior operator was impacting the long-term resiliency of the asset. Northbridge was responsible for lifting the admission freeze by working directly and quickly with state officials, which built renewed clinical credibility with the governing authorities.

New business development practices increased qualified lead traffic from highly influential and no-cost referrals—such as rehabs and hospitals—to quickly run up the census to 85% occupancy in just over twelve months.

The asset has subsequently reached a sustainable 100% occupancy level and developed a waitlist even during the last months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 12 Month

    Engagement Period

  • 100%

    Occupancy with waitlist

  • 85% census growth

    50% at start of engagement

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